Friday, May 29, 2009

Room to breathe

Room to breathe-what does that mean for me? I've been going through some issues the past couple of weeks, some of which were pleasant (M's graduation), and other's not so (the continuing saga of parents divorce, now selling house, not knowing what childhood mementos I'll see again, mother/daughter issues), its a lot to deal with. I'm doing the best I can, and so things have fallen to the wayside-including blogging. That's okay though, I'm trudging along, holding onto faith that things will get better.

Even though another round of paycuts is coming, and we're waiting on bated breath to see where that falls, I'm not going to get worked up about it. There is many more problems in the world-heck between hearing an old mom friend is now hooked on meth (her kids are the same ages as mine) and my mom having to move out, my life is not worth complaining about. We're eating home, lots of stuff at the house, we've changed the way we're living, we've pulled it together-R is really a godsend when it comes to helping shoulder the load. I'll miss it temporarily when school resumes in a couple of weeks (but boy will I jump for joy at his graduation in a couple of years!)

M's party is planned, cupcakes and pizza at the park. Easy. His friends from preschool have RSVP'd, and he is thrilled. Invites went out late, but family drama pulled me down-it hapens, but I'm moving on. I'm sad that two of his best friends from preschool are going to different schools next fall, but due to where they live, it was bound to happen. On the upside, he looked darling with them at graduation. For some reason the pic option on here isn't working, so I can't post my favorite shot of them. I'll try again later and hope it works.

So this is my time to breathe, soak everything up, learn from it. Be at peace with it. Like the intense thunderstorm that passed through last night, and this morning is beautiful, I know I'll get beyond this. I'm looking forward to see where it goes.

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