Sunday, May 3, 2009

Rain can't hold us in

The rain may have changed our weekend plans, but did not dampen our spirits. It was dwnpouring early yesterday morning in the Bay Area, so after attempting to plan around it, we decided to hold off our pictures until Memorial Day weekend. By then the weather should be warmer here, and a break from K town will be more welcome.

We spent the morning at home, puttering around. The boys played outside with R, and I went on a two mile walk to the library with the baby. I didn't time it, but I think it took me 20 minutes each way, considering I was gone for an hour and was at the library for a long time. I'm hoping to improve my endurance this spring/summer, I miss walking and its a great stress relief for me. I picked up some cookbooks and novels I had requested, and headed home.

We went to Costco, coupons in hand. I've been pleased with our progress in how we shop there, since even though we had a full cart, we walked out under $100. We haven't been there in over a week, and were out of basics and some of our monthly goods. We used only a few coupons, otherwise a lot of it we passed on. No more frozen meals, junk food, fruit juice in the house. Unless I get a smoking good deal on it, prices are higher at Costco, and with R's downturn in income we've seen how those "needs" are really "wants". It's been cheaper to shop the way I've been shopping than getting certain items at Costco too. For examped, I stopped at a neighbor's home along the walk and scored 3 lbs of tomatos and 6 avacados for $3~(salsa and guacamole are in my future) and for the a smaller amount of food at costco-it was $6 alone for five avacados! I'm loving shopping based on seasonality, its making a difference in our way of life.

Today should be a mellow day. Maybe a trip to the park, maybe to Target for an escape. I need to get a move on planning M's graduating class memory books and figuring out what we're getting for gifts for the teachers too. The teachers are giving me the photos next week, but I want to have a rough idea of what I'm doing so I can pop through quickly. That's it for now, breakfast is calling!

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