Saturday, May 30, 2009

Going to market

There is something about the farmer's market that reminds me of the Bay Area. Lots of veggies, fruits, friendly faces. It never ceases to amaze me what is grown in our backyards, I hate taking it for granted. So we didn't. We loaded up on greens, salad, squash, and eggplant. We had our first apricots of the season-pure heaven. We almost bought berries, but then learned of a pick your own berry patch, so we're going to do that, possibly next week, if not the week after. The boys and I danced in the square, Robert danced with E, it was fun! I think M wanted to twirl me around all night, and would have if I let him. I knew we had a good night when M and G wanted to listen to the music more instead of heading home. Two hours there equaled tired but happy children, and R and I can't wait to put our culinary skills to work this week.

As for the rest of our weekly shopping, that's done too. We went to Costco today, bringing the trusty coupon book; we walked out with only sunscreen, eggs, bananas, and dog food. It goes to show I have finally broken us away from Costco's grasp. We're now a soda free home (although I'll probably buy some for mixed alcoholic drinks this summer, but nowhere near like we were before). Iced tea, water, and milk is on the menu. Fruit juice is considered a treat, and even then, its a frozen treat. We're not buying bottled drinks, frozen snacks, and have greatly reduced our use of packaged treats (cookies, snack cakes, granola bars). The most we've bought the past several months is trail mix/variety of nuts/dried fruit, each family sized bag lasting us a month or longer. I really hope we can continue to stick to this, it was an adjustment, but then again, the farmer's market shows us how there are many healthy snacks available.

This weekend is going to be fun. We're going to Splash Zone tomorrow or Sunday, bringing a picnic lunch. We may head to the zoo too, or save that for another day. Lots of eating outdoors, splashing in the pool. We haven't used the a/c yet, choosing to go swimming, using free activities to keep us cool. So far its worked well for us, and tiring our our tireless boys in the process. We'll see if we last another weekend, though, I think it's supposed to be 100. At the least, we'll cook outdoors. Enjoy the weekend everyone!

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