Saturday, May 16, 2009

The glory days of summer!

I love this weather, crisp and cool in the morning, a little warmer by mid day, and by evening, while its hot, its nice to know that with the heat comes ways of cooling down. I love making iced tea, I have many types to try this summer, I'm finding it healthier, refreshing, and dowright cheaper than bottled drinks, soda, and anything else. Add my love of farmer's markets, strawberries, blackberries, cherries galore, and I see fresh smoothies in my future.

We hit up K town's smorgesbord last night, I kept it affordable by buying just the kid meals for the three boys. I wasn't too hungry, and R wasn't either. Man, those children plates were huge! R and I ate a lot, and the boys tried many different things, including beets, pickled herring (which E loved!), and swedish meatballs. There was cucumber salad and lindonberry dessert. Awesome food, nothing heavy, and eating in the park while listening to folk music and dancers was great! The boys suprised me, they opted to sit next to the dance floor and watch the musicians and dancers, instead of playing in the park. They listened so well, even E stayed close by shaking his booty to the music.

Today we hit up the farmer's market in F town. Loved it! Bought strawberries, zucchinni, yummy stuff for our meals early this week. We didn't bring much cash (but we know now most our summer food bill will be spent here instead now, so we'll plan accordingly for next time). After hitting up Costco for the pershiables, we decided to forgo Costco produce for the season except for bananas, since everything at the farmer's market looked so much better (and was cheaper too!) Come to think of it, we may just skip bananas too, but I love those in smoothies, so we'll see what happens. We are now cool at home, fans running without the a/c on. Its bearable, and the kids don't mind. I have laundry hanging on the line, and more to hang up once that's dry. R's at the library, working on his final paper. All is good and mellow. Later we'll eat dinner outside, and let the kids play in their pool. Its the beginning of lazy days of summer and I'm loving it!

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