Sunday, April 19, 2009

Vintage days

Talk about a day of sheer (cheap) fun! The boys and I spent the morning at home, enjoying playtime and breakfast with each other. When I sensed the boys getting restless, I decided it was time for a roadtrip. I loaded up the car with snacks, diapers, and wipes and off we went. The plan was to check out a festival for awhile, then head over to Costco and Home Depot for groceries and gardening supplies. We ended up having so much fun that we spent 4 hours at the festival!

It wasn't very crowded when we arrived, and the weather was perfect. I bought the older boys a wristband for $3 each (unlimited activities for kids), and they went on ponyrides, did arts and crafts, and played in the never ending supply of bounce houses. We walked around the booths, the boys got free plants from Home Depot. We also spun the (free) wheel at the Elephant Bar display. We cleaned house-G won a $25 gift card, M won a $10 gift card, and I won a free appetizer card! We also received three coupons for free kid meals. I know where we're taking the kids next week if we go out as a family for our aniversary ;) We ended our visit by sharing a huge fruit cup under the shade, listening to some good music, which reminded me of my college days. I bought the musician's cd (Erik Janson)-M and G were rocking out to it while he played, and since we've been under budget eating at home now, I knew we had some wiggle room. I asked the musician to autograph his cd, which he did. He asked if I was going to a local brewery in town to hear his set that night, and with three kids underfoot, I said it depended if my husband and I had a sitter (and at that moment I flashed back for a brief moment to our pre-kid days).

I left right before the boys started to melt down (no one had naps all day!) and we all had a quiet ride home listening to our new cd. I was thrilled about how our excursion went, and how we stayed way under budget (spent only $20 the whole afternoon!) When we made it home, R was already home. He was just as suprised as I was that I ventured out alone to the festival, and how well the boys behaved. He asked if I wanted to go to the brewery, and I said as much as I wanted to go, I wanted to use our sitter (and pay for one) next weekend for our anniversary. For dinner, I made salad, along with a delish steak and rice. I also made a tasty lemon cake for dessert. We all relaxed after dinner, and the boys fell asleep while watching a movie with us. It was truly a great day. I'll post pictures from our day soon.

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Jilse said...

I am glad that you and the boys had such a fun time at Vintage Days.