Monday, April 6, 2009

This is why we're watching our money

I'd love to say that we spent no money this weekend, besides the pizza for my family. If G hadn't tore through our home office, opening a fiing cabinet, literally climbing the bookcase, and having us believe that he swallowed a Chuck E Cheese token, that would have been true. We now have a $50 bill courtesy of an ER visit to shell out next month. Thankfully, we have that money and then some.

The plan yesterday was for grocery shopping and Big Hat Days. We didn't make it to Big Hat Days, since on the way home from Costco, all the boys fell asleep in the car. I personally preferred to head home and hang out there, R didn't care, so instead of tempting us with things that we really didn't need, we headed home. Yeah, that turned out well.

On the upside, Poison Control and the ER staff rocks! I wasn't freaked out, considering what we were up against. However, its not like this stuff is lying about. It was tucked on the top shelf of the bookcase, in a bowl-so it wasn't on the floor, within reach, nothing like that. I suspect G thought it was candy, or thought it was a good excuse to pull when I opened the office door during what was supposed to be the remainder of nap time (all the boys were still asleep upon being placed in their beds, and I for once decided to take a nap too). Sigh....on the upside, at the ER, I texted R to start dinner since I wasn't there, and roasted chicken greeted us upon coming home. We have enough for another dinner, plus lunch for today. That eased my stress some, until R went outside to mow the yard, and I was cleaning the dishes. It was too quiet.....the older two boys wrecked havoc in their bedroom (E was with me in his high chair). Lets just say I took a walk to destress and everything was still there to greet me upon getting back 15 minutes later, and bedtime couldn't come soon enough. It was a rough day from middle to end. And to think, I thought it was getting easier with three now, ha!

So while we spent $50 at the ER, the rest of the weekend was frugal. Hopefully this week will be the same way.

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