Sunday, April 26, 2009

Simplifying life

I want to write about this weekend, and our anniversary; I'll do both later, but for now I have thoughts on my mind.

I went to a baby shower yesterday, and it was far from the traditional ones I've gone to in recent years. It was a scrapbooking party, and we all made pages for the baby's baby book. The planners put a lot of thought into the planning, and I know my friend appreciated their efforts. What struck me as unique was how cards were homemade, gifts were homemade, favors were homemade, even the fruit display ala Edible Arrangement was homemade. It was very relaxed, and I'm glad I went.

I walked home from the event, even though it was nearly a 45 min walk since I took my time, it was a nice way to spend the afternoon. R had the boys sleeping at home, and I've been feeling grateful for my good health, so figured it was time to get some exercise too. I used the time to think about what I want to do next fall. I spent some time at the party conversing with some of my friends who are working now, and their oldest are entering kindergarten w/ M. They also have younger children (including the one that the baby shower was held for).

I'm on the fence about what I want to do, I really am. Part of me feels that this is a great time to reevaluate what I want since R and I spent time during our night out for our anniversary on Friday talking about what we want, what our indivudal desires are, and how best to work them into our family.

My immediate plan goes something like this:
1. Look into licensing and an additional credential for my degree. R is concerned that if something happens to him, coupled with the state of the job market, I need to be able to support the kids and myself. Frankly, we're both unsettled and want to use this time to shore up my education more before things get crazier with home life, and before something happens to his job.

2. The boys will go to the preschool's summer preschool program two days a week. I'm also looking into another preschool program for the fall, one that has a different approach, and may suit G and E better. I'm learning as I go how what's worked for one child (M) may not be best for G. Hopefully, this will coincide with when I can pursue credentialing/licensing classes. At the least, it'll keep my sanity, because its a structured activity, or at least one I know someone is responsible for planning vs me.

3. R's going to continue going to school after the semester is finished. He needs to continue his momentum, if he doesn't do it, he knows he won't finish. The boys and I will make plans to keep busy when preschool is not in session, and we'll do what we can to make Daddy's study time quiet.

4. We're going to have a quiet summer at home. Take advantage of farmer's markets for produce, cook at home, swimming, library time, free activites in our community. I'm excited to see what adventures we take, day trips galore. There is a summer program at a preschool I'm thinking about going to, I'm not sure how crazy enrollment is for it, but I'm going to call next week and find out. Its the same one I'm thinking about for G and E next year, as an alternative to what we're doing now, or on a non-preschool day as an activity for us to do together while M is in school.

5. I hope to wipe another chunk of debt away by my birthday-that would be the best present, it would be peace of mind.

Well, our day is getting started. The playground is calling our names, and I have a baby to push in a swing. I'll fill in later on our weekend activities.

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