Thursday, April 23, 2009

Learning something everyday

I never want to be a nodder-I feel like the best thing I can do with my children is show then I am capable of getting stuff done, even things I don't like. Take refinancing, I am completely oblivious sometimes to things, but as R knows if I din't know, I ask questions. A lot of questions. I remember we thought about refinancing last year, and decided not to-it was going to take more money than it would be in any savings for us to break even-and I did not want to extend out mortgage by X years. I am glad we researched it before we spent money on before hand.

Another thing, school. R's going to summer school this year, 5 mornings a week (guess we'll have early starts every day), and I was starting to pull my hair out trying to think of what cheap activities I can do with the kids. I found a nifty book at the library-101 cool things to do with your kids. I plan on pulling ideas from there, as well as my stash of family fun magazines too. Love having ideas, love even more having it cost me nothing to get those ideas!

I'm debating some summer outings with the children. Found a few places in outlying towns to try out. We'll see how adventurous we are-and how hot the weather is in K town. I'm wanting to do more science activities, in part because I miss doing that stuff.

Finally, I'm planning a special thing for M's classmates for the end of the school year. I have the okay from his teacher, and I'm going to dive in and put my craft skills to work. I'm hoping it turns out well, I'm taking the boys with me this afternoon to price things out, I'm looking forward to how it turns out.

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