Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Is it spring?

The weather here is downright chilly. That was obvious this morning during our annual Spring Fling. I'm glad we held it, despite the downturn in participation, and its given me food for thought on how I want to proceed with mom and me groups in general. I'm going to enjoy what I do, and not bang my head against a wall if others don't want to participate. Its their loss, my gain-since really I need the parent interaction. If others don't-more power to them. I sent off an email removing my commitment to Baby Fest this weekend. Its too much w/ R working, and me watching the boys. Not to mention I don't have a raffle item to donate. Instead, I'll plug along w/ planning the activities I want to do, and welcoming others to join in the fun. Looking forawrd to the Hanford train trip in mid June, that should be fun.

We're hanging tight with our finances right now. We have a nice padding in our savings account, not to mention the funds to pay off the second credit card in full (the one from emergency car/house repairs). I'm sitting on it right now, since I don't know whether to leave that additional money in savings or towards the credit card. Once that debt is gone, I really feel like we're almost at the top of our game, that much closer to being debt free. We've made so many changes, so many sacrifices, both big and small, I feel the shift in how we live our daily life. I know that everything we've done will make life so much more pleasant this summer, and the best one yet. I'm almost tempted to treat ourselves to something, but not sure if I should take that leap. We're making so much headway, that I wonder if by giving into a want, if it's really the best thing to do. This is where the rubber meets the road, or as Dave Ramsey says, Live like no one else so you can live like no one else later on. for thought as I ponder purchasing a season pass for our family for somewhere (the aquarium for 12 months seems like my favorite at the moment for $120) Just to know we could go, that I could go with the kids at the drop of a hat, even taking them to Monterey there's a ton to do beside the aquarium that we could also pop in for an hour or two just because, hard to keep focus on the end goal, that's for sure!

That's where I'm at now, we're off and running to take R to class, love being a one car family.....

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