Monday, April 6, 2009

Family/kid/couple time

Tomorrow we're taking a trip to S town to see R's mom and sister. I'm looking forward to it, in part because I get to spend some (alone) time at the dentist. While that part is not necessarily enjoyable, I know it needs to get done. We've been looking into switching dentists down here; however, I'm a bit reluctant. Our insurance isn't wonderful, and I know we're going to pay out of pocket to have a nice dentist (since full coverage is limited to Western Dental, yuck :( )I rather go up north, make a trip to see R's mom-and get away from K town for a day. The boys are excited too, they get to see their cousins. We have a mystery shop possibility for lunch/dinner while there, or on the way back. If it doesn't pan out, we'll eat at home and bring food with us.

Wednesday is a fun day-Spring Fling, complete with an easter egg hunt and potluck. I have no clue who's coming, and frankly, I could care less. At the least, the boys will have fun scouring the grass for the eggs I bring, and we'll have a picnic at the park.

Friday night is date night. I've arranged to have a mystery shop pay for a nice Mexican dinner. I'm trying to arrange for us to go bowling too-that's something we haven't done in awhile. That shopper fee would cover the games and the sitter, so its a win-win situation. If not, we'll manage, we planned to go out for our anniversary. This will just be our early celebration (in case I don't get a fancy dinner shop by the time our anniversary rolls around).

Its a mellow week, fun times all around.

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Jilse said...

I hope you are having a nice trip in S town today. It's always nice to leave town and visit family.