Sunday, April 5, 2009

Family lessons

This weekend is another mellow weekend. We had a nice visit with my family who came down from the Bay Area for the day. We spent time on walks, taking the boys to parks, and spent time outside. We brought in pizza from the local pizza place in town-that was a treat for everyone since we're all watching our money closely these days. My dad gave me new ideas for salad and meals, so I plan to try those out in the coming weeks. My sister took pictures of the boys, her boyfriend showed M and G how to ride their scooters like skateboards, all around it was a taste of the fun side of parenthood-minus the diapers, time outs, and overall cost associated with having children. Always glad to loan out the kids though, they sure were tuckered out come bedtime!

R and I both had good long talks with my dad about everything going on (and R did about stuff that was weighing on his mind). It was stuff I'm glad I learned, I gained insight into why I parent the way I do (and also why I'm now seeing how I'm trying to change some things that I do since they aren't as productive as I thought (but I did anyways since that's what my parents did), does that make sense?

Minus the pizza, the weekend's been frugal. We're contemplating heading out to Big Hat Days today, and will bring snacks/drinks and the camera with us. I told R that we'll bring money just in case we want a treat. We also have plans to go grocery shopping, and hit up Costco too. We'll probably eat lunch or dinner at Costco, but I'm going to recommend to R that we grill up some chicken for meals early this week. It always makes mealtime less chaotic when I have a few things to fall back on.

We're headed out for the morning, so have a good one everyone!

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Jilse said...

I am glad you had such a nice day with your sister and her boyfriend. It sounds like everyone had a great time. I bet the boys love spending time with their Aunt. I know that my girls love the time they spend with their Uncles. One day you'll be an Aunt and you can enjoy the flip side of things.