Friday, April 17, 2009

Family fun night!

After a mellow week, we're headed to the junior high this evening for family fun night. Its a great way to connect with others in our community, and is fun for all the kids. Bouncehouses, face painting, a cake walk, even the firefighters and police officers make an appearance. The boys love it every year, and this year should be fun too. R's leaving work early so he can come, he knows the boys want to do some of the activities with him. I'm hoping to connect w/ some other families we know, so the kids can play and we can have adult conversation too. Bringing the camera too, so I can capture these fun times.

This weekend should be nice and relaxing. R has to work (because of sping break, he switched days last week), so the boys are I have a day wide open for possibilities. Lots of free community events are taking place, so we may do one of those for fun. I hope to get some gardening done, it just depends on the moods of the kids. It's supposed to be warm, so grilling is on the menu for dinner. That reminds me, we should probably hit up the farmer's market tomorrow-I miss my fersh veggies, and maybe I can get some even though its early in the year.

Time to get moving, stuff to do today!

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Jilse said...

I hope your family had a wonderful night. It sounded like it was going to be a lot of fun.