Saturday, April 18, 2009

End of one chapter, start of another?

Last night was a lot of fun with the boys. They went on a train ride, played in the bounce houses, and played carnival games. They also watched the cake walk-but as they didn't quite grasp the concept of it, just watched it. Before we left, the boys each had their face painted w/ a horse-very cute, and it was worth the five min wait :) The kids had dinner at the event, and R and I had planned to eat at home. I ended up falling asleep w/ the two older ones, and he crashed out with the baby. Something hit me last night, seeing families with school aged children and then a baby/toddler/preschool, a visible gap between the older two or three and the youngest, it made me wonder-is this what I want for our life, or is what we have enough? It was nice not having to carry a diaper bag, letting E toddle around. It was nice thinking about the trips we want to go on with our family of five. At the same time, seeing cute babies snuggled up, surrounded by older siblings, seeeing large families of six at the event (and more and more at other places) makes me think, having another child wouldn't make life any more chaotic than it already is.

I told R I'll start getting rid of the baby things, we had a lot of stuff and have learned how little babies need in the beginning. I'm not sure if we'll have one more, until he keeps his appointment, getting pregnant is always a possibility. He's told me he's done, yet his not taking permanent action and understanding that I'm not going to, leaves us open to having one more. Maybe we'll have another, maybe not. We'll enjoy what we have and see what's in store in the months ahead....

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