Monday, April 13, 2009

Comings and goings.

It was a glorious weekend, this past weekend. R and I had a date on Friday night, we had Chevys paid for, and babysitter fee covered. It was nice to get out amongst adults, and sweet to return to our boys a few hours later.

Saturday I took M to a birthday party, while R hung out with the younger two boys. It was the first time M was invited to a party by himself, and I'm glad R was around to watch the boys. It was a bit odd to just take M, most the kids we know know M and G, but then again, its bound to happen as M starts kindergarten next fall. By far it was the most simple of birthday parties, but I think M had the best time. There were five children to celebrate a 5 year old's birthday-and this was after the mom had invited 16 kids from preschool. She had cake and punch, and the boys played outside. There was an attempt at a party game, but the kids had more fun getting spun around than anything else. That was it. For three hours (it was meant for two, but us moms talked a lot longer!), they played. M was tired after a healthy dose of sunshine and fresh air. The boy loved the Chutes and Ladders game, and it wasn't one he already had (love my game stockpile :) ) After the party we picked up R and the younger boys and had dinner at Red Robin courtesy of a company. We ended the night with stories and cuddles, and all went to bed early.

Sunday was an off day. I woke up feeling ill, and E was also not doing so well. I had noticed that both of us weren't completely feeling 100% for a day or so, but I think we hit our bottom. We made it easy-ate at home, played outside. The boys were not interested in more eggs-I think they had their fill, so it made it better for us since I was feeling under the weather. We hung out outside, let the kids play, and eventually we had dinner at home. Two nights of eating out, and I was thankful we didn't have anywhere to go.

Today was much of the same. R stayed home since I was feeling ill. He took me to the doctor's office, where I was promptly diagnosed with bronchitis. I rested much of the afternoon, so we went down to V town when it was time for R's class, since the boys needed shoes. I scored a great deal at Stride Rite outlet, and learned a lot about shoes. G was a size 10 1/2, but ended up with a size 12. M was a size 11 1/2, and bought a size 13. The ones I originally wanted were the 11s and 12s, but after trying those on and the next size up, and then trying on a few other pairs, the sales woman helped me get a proper fit for the boys. I was completely off base with what I thought would fit; goes to show, shoes are not equally designed or created. With the sales and promotions, I got each pair for $22, the same price I would have spent at Target or Payless on a couple of shoes-these however, are durable and well made, and I know won't hurt their feet at the end of the day. Yay for new shoes!

Tomorrow its about rest and recuperation. We'll stay home until I'm feeling better, I hope in time for our Spring Fling on Wednesday :)

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