Sunday, December 28, 2008

weekend musings

reevaluation-why does that sound better than making resolutions?

r looking at bikes-sigh....i love my husband, but like w/ anything else, is this something that will stick with him or will get pushed to the side along with past ventures for good health and exercise (along w/ the intent of going to school)

reading through the phone and camera manual-and learning more than just point and shoot, or the basics of how to use the phone

letting the boys play on the razor scooters picked up from freecycle, even if it is freezing outside

organizing pictures for scrapbooking, and other projects

making appointments for doctors/dentists

sitting with the boys and playing a game of memory

saving up for the cricut expression-sigh....i have coveted this item forever, but refuse to go into debt for it

loving the sight of footed pajamas and a baby with wavy hair

continuing our plan to pay off past expenses, and having a plan for emergencies

enjoying these days of motherhood

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