Saturday, December 6, 2008

Weekend close to home

We spent our day at home, relaxing and watching cartoons. We only headed out to grocery shop, and take advantage of my mystery shopping gigs, havingJamba Juice for free, yummy! Tomorrow we have a lunch in V town-compliements of another mystery shopping assignment. I'm excited, the report is simple, and reimbursement is $40. Considering we've been eating at home for I don't know how long, this will be a treat! I'm always prowling the various mystery shopping company websites to find more shops, and so far I'm having a good time. Not making a fortune, but when I coordinate errands and shops it makes for a pleasant way to spend the day. R is supportive of it-I think he's sold on it after the Jamba we had today. That and seeing paychecks from companies have helped reassure him what I'm doing is legit work.

Tonight we went to our hometown parade. I rode on the float w/ the three boys-R snapped pics of us along the way. M and G loved waving, E was happy as a clam sitting on my lap. The weather was chilly, about 45 tonight, but we were definitely bundled up, and the coffee R made for us helped keep us warm. Dinner was at home, but low stress. Soup and quesadillas, and everyone was relaxed and happy.

Not much is planned for tomorrow. Depends on the weather, the moods of the boys, and what we feel like doing. I know we'll have lunch out, so at least that'll break up the day. I think R is going to put up the holiday lights w/ the boys-we have to see if the ones from last year still work. If not we may purchase some to hold us over until they go on sale after the 25th.

Hope everyone is staying warm :-)

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