Saturday, December 27, 2008

New Years plans

Now that the flurry of activity has passed for the holidays, and Hanukkah is almost over, I'm turning my mind to New Year's Eve and day plans. I looked around town, there's a couple of (free) kid friendly activites on New Year's Eve during the day, so we may check those out. For the evening, I watched Rachel Ray this morning, and found a few super easy recipes to make a fantastic dinner for the family. For R and I, I plan on making dip, an easy appetizer or two, truffles, and maybe another dessert. Add a nice bottle of wine and some mixed drinks, we'll enjoy the night at home. We'll see what ideas I find in the next week.

For the next day, I'll admit-I'm tempted for us to use a BOGO meal coupon for a restaurant having a nice brunch on New Years Day. Using the could probably eat for under $25. At the same time, we've been eating at home all month, including this holiday week, so I'm wondering if I really want to go, when we're going strong eating at home. I have to admit, going out yesterday w/ the boys, eating our snacks, and coming home to have an easy dinner, it made our evening low key and fun. Lots to think about, we'll see what happens.

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