Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Let there be no waste

This new movement of frugal living has its ups and downs. At the same time, I know things that we're doing is nothing compared to how others have lived before us. I've been thinking about the stories of how my great grandparents made do with food that was near spoilage, eating whatever they could, sewing patches, mending clothes-between immigrating to the States,and living through the Great Depression, they were very resourceful individuals. I've had my moments of creative thinking, trying to channel my great grandmother's way of doing things, and at the same time thinking, wow, how is it that we live in a society when something is barely brown or it hits a sell by date that people turn up their nose or decide to make something else. It has also crossed my mind how people just pick a recipe out of the blue and buy all the items at the store at the same time, not thinking about the sale flier or coupons. It amazes me how people complain about the rising cost of food, yet while that's a valid concern, don't necessarily take an active role in trimming the budget, whether its planning a few days ahead of time, a week, or like some people do, a month ahead. I know not everyone has that luxury, but at the same time, I sense that within our world today, planning ahead can keep the wolves away, if only a few more days at a time.

I love having our freezer, love having access to the internet, love how I'm able to make a meal out of a few basic items, even when at first glance it looks like there's not much there. Doing what I do, I feel like I can share the wealth-donating food, donating my wisdom, doing whatever I can to ease the load off of someone else who doesn't have the ability/knowledge to work the sales. I may not always like eating at home, but I'm grateful we have food to eat, let alone a roof over our heads where we can eat.

I'm still debating whether or not we should go out on New Year's Day for brunch-we have a long road ahead for eating at home, and we've gone over 23 days eating meals at home, minus a snack at McD's last weekend, a mystery shopped snack, and three hot dogs we had once while doing a Costco run. Its amazing how far we've come, I don't want to stop now; at the same time, will brunch revive our determination to eat at home, or will it leave us wanting to eat out more?

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Jilse said...

WTG on eating at home for such a long stretch. We'll be starting that same path soon. We're hoping to lose some weight in the process, as well as, save a ton of money.

I recently re-read my miserly mom's book and she speaks of all the same things that you do. Shopping by the loss leaders each week and building your menu from that.

I have done this type of shopping before, but I've kind of gotten away from it. I need to get back to following the sales for my meals, and not just buying what sounds good every week.

Lastly I know what you're saying about wasting food, and utilizing what you have. We just cleaned out our fridge and we threw away a bunch of leftovers that should have been eaten. It makes me angry when I know that we have wasted food, and money by throwing that food away. I am going to try and get us to eat our leftovers more, and now that we won't be eating out that should be easy to accomplish.

Thanks for the good post.