Saturday, December 13, 2008

Inside activites

Brrr it is chilly outside! Last night scrapbooking was cut short by E who was not having a good night w/ R. Not sure what happened, but considering how dense the fog was at 9:30 last night, I'm glad I headed home then instead of staying out until 11pm, like I had orginally planned. I'm glad too it was at a friend's home, and we didn't pay to scrapbook at a local store. While it's an inviting, comfortable environment, not seeing all the fun tools and decorative items for sale helped keep me on track. Then again, right now I have a ton to work with, so it was a win win situation.

Between the fog and the chilly weather, R and I hav talked about what activities we want to do w/ the boys this weekend. It's too wet to take the kids to the playground, so I mentioned McD's playland. R comes back and mentions the mall play area, since he wants to look for Christmas presents. I'm trying not to be a control freak about R wanting to look at gifts, since he doesn't ask for much, he knows our financial situation, and he knows I'm happy with what we have, so we may head into town and hit the mall. The boys will burn off some energy, and I'll try not stress out. I'll keep in mind that we're not going with the intent of shopping, just window shopping. I can handle that, I can handle crowds, I can handle the boys, I just can't handle staying at home with the three kids going stir crazy. I'm hoping we head home to eat, but in case we want to eat out, Sweet Tomatoes is having a great deal for families to eat under $20 this weekend, so we may take advantage of that. Checking out the holiday light displays is another option too. The weekend is full of possibilities.

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