Saturday, December 20, 2008

Happy holidays to us

Love R's job, I really do. Yesterday he got a white slip-the official notice of paycuts for state employees. Effective Feb. 1, his paycheck will be $900 less that what it is now. On top of that, he'll be required to take two unpaid days off per month. This pay cut amounts to more than half our mortgage. Finding a higher paying job is no longer something I can put off, I need to focus on it now. Or at the least, work when I have the opportunity. Our savings will ease the pinch, but its really a bandaid for a bigger problem if we don't act responsibly. Isn't this a wonderful way to start off our weekend, eh?

We went to our play groups big holiday party last night. The party was much smaller than in past years, but it was still a lot of fun. The boys had their fill of playing on the gymnastic equipment, and thanks to the location, were tired and ready for bed when we got home. I won the big prize (felt silly accepting it since I was the head person, but considering a ton of names were pulled before me, and I was still there, the woman who pulled it insisted I take it). We have family movies, board games, a ton of stuff. Its a nice contribution to our family fun stuff at home.

R's mom found a job, so now her plans to visit the week between Christmas and New Year's is put on hold. We may go up to S town overnight to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with her, and come back late that evening, since R has work the next morning. Doing it this way, maybe R and I will be able to attend Midnight Mass, since R's mom said she'd watch the boys so we could go out New Years Eve-but since she probably won't come, going to Midnight Mass would be possible (and for R, more enjoyable too).

My dad's hearing was just a hearing to set another court date, so nothing's changed with him. No word from my mom, so at least I don't have any drama there.

This weekend is going to be mellow. We have a free dinner thanks to mystery shopping in H town, and I have to return something at the mall there. We'll let the kids play in the play area, and maybe walk around the small town. There's a couple of thrift stores that I like, so maybe we'll sneak a peek and see if we can find anything for me to wear for work/maybe a bike for R for school.

Tomorrow's the first night of Chanukah, and I have ceramic menorahs that I bought years ago for the boys to paint. Between doing that, making latkes, and playing the dreidel game, I think we'll get that holiday off to a nice start. I also found a cute website Torah Tots so I may use that to find other activities for us.

This weekend will definitely be mellow, as well the weeks to come. I'm glad we downsized how we spent our holiday money this year, it'll make the changes we have to experience in the upcoming year that much easier to swallow.

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Jilse said...

J, That is a HUGE paycut. I am so sorry. I hope that you can find a better paying job to help out in the meantime. I know that if Mr.Man got that big of a paycut I would be in panic mode. It sounds like you were smart and have some savings to help get you through. I hope that this paycut is only temporary.

It also sounds like you have some really fun activities planned to do with the boys to celebrate Hanukkah. Enjoy your holidays! I am sure they are going to have a blast!!