Sunday, December 28, 2008

eating at home

When it comes to eating at home, I'm finding we've done extremely well this month. We surpassed my expectations for this long holiday weekend, only hitting up McDs once for a snack for the five of us (under $6) and allowing for a much needed playtime for two active boys.

We ate meals before heading out on errands, and came home to cook dinner. I know I would have preferred to eat out, we all would have, but doing it this way, as long as possible, we're doing what we can to ease our finances. I'm not saying we won't eat out, but considering how much food we have in the fridge, I can't rationalize sitting at a restaurant or hitting a drive thru. Ask me when we run low on food or energy and I may sing a different tune, but I'm determined to turn things around. I don't want to have a black cloud of debt trailing us all of next year. I don't know how long I'll work or how R's job will go, but I know changes I make now are setting us up for progress and success.

As for the meals at home, they haven't been the most creative, but they've been filling, nutritious, and relatively inexpensive. Between the coupons and sales, I've been able to keep the price tag of our meals small. However, I feel like my creativity could use a boost, so I went in search of some cooking blogs. I found The Grocery Cart Challenge, Five Dollar Dinners, and a related site to living frugally and stretching our grocery dollars, Bargaining Briana.

I'm hoping these sites (and others I come across) ease the pinch of our decreasing take home pay, while allowing us to reallocate grocery money towards adding to our savings and reducing our debt.

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