Friday, December 26, 2008

Day of shopping, or so was the plan

I had the best of intents, really, I did. And then I remembered, wait, wait until it hits 75% or 90% and then pounce. I went to a few stores today, JoAnns, Costco (for groceries) and Target. I wasn't suprised at how even late in the day how much stuff was still on the shelves. I thought for sure it'd be a zoo-parking lots was packed (but I found a parking spots both times right away in front, so it wasn't completely insane). Same went for inside, a lot of people browsing, not a lot of buying. I saw peole buying mostly the big wreaths and trees, but everything else-Rows of lights, cards, ornaments, still all there, past 3pm in the afternoon. People are not biting at the 50% off mark-and really, except for the gift and food baskets, it was all sitting there. I'll bide my time, last year I scored all my cards 90% off, and my lights were 75% off. I'm not picky about which ones we buy, or where I buy from. I always find something to meet our need. R told me to hold off on buying wrapping paper-he's sold on using comics and brown paper (the kind I have the boys draw on) after he heard something on the news about wrapping paper being unrecyclable. Same for tags, bows, all that stuff. Considering the boys plowed through the paper to get to their gifts, and it took longer to wrap than it did unwrapping everything, I can't see spending money on that stuff.

I did break down and buy 3 calendars at Chick-fil-A today, those were a smoking good deal. The coupons in there far outweigh the cost of the calendar (only $6 and the first coupon is for a free sandwich, and another is for a free chicken burrito-so pays for itself in the first two months). I plan on using those coupons when I take the boys out during the week. That'll make a nice treat for all of us.

Tomorrow we're hitting V town-I'll swing by the Target there, possibly WalMart too. Sunday I'll hit up Walgreens, unless I get a break during naptime. Rite Aid will wait until I do my list shopping for the week.

Until then, I'll enjoy looking online at the sales-much better deals there. Yankee is calling my name, so is the Gap, and Crate and Barrel (for 1/2 price Sigg bottles). I need some work appropriate clothes, or at least something other than blue jeans. I do see a ton of clothes for next spring and summer. I may bite the bullet and buy now-I've always been one for shopping a season ahead, and its done well for me. No way I can swing 49.59 for capris, but dropping less that $13-well, I can't find that at Target or Kohls, and since I've bought from them before, I already know what sizes work well for me. Quality is top notch too-they last me 3+ years vs the one season I got out of the clothes I bought at Target before they looked worn out. I am wanting some new shoes, something that'll uphold-my feet hurt in payless shoes, but I haven't found something that says BUY ME RIGHT NOW. So I'll browse, I'll look for the same sneakers I have now. Maybe I'll hit up the outlets tomorrow while we're in V town-last week when I did a mystery shop at a shoe store, I found a pair of cute shoes under $25, originally $79! Fit well and didn't hurt my feet. Lots to think about. Until then, I'll look and fill my online shopping bag. I can always close the browser window when I've had my fill.

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