Monday, December 22, 2008

Cookie madness

I am on a sugar high! Being organized this year really paid off, more than I could have ever thought possible. I made five dozen cookies of two different varieties, divided them into 1/2 dozen groups, and packaged them in plastic bins I bought for 75% off last year(reminder-do the same this year too!). It took me a little over three hours to do the main cooking, and only a little bit extra to cool and move cookies into bins. Along w/ bath and body stuff I bought at a screaming deal last summer, all the teachers and director of the preschool are good to go for this holiday season. I even managed to make two trays of fudge too-one for the extra workers at the preschool, and one for R to take to work tomorrow.

With the extra frosting I had left over, I set up the boys gingerbread house for tomorrow. I also have more set aside for them to use on the gingerbread house. I'm excited about that-we're making one from graham crackers-the way I did it growing up w/ girl scouts. I have candy saved for the occasion from Halloween for decorating, and some other candy I bought for almost free w/ coupons.

I don't have an out of pocket total expense on the cookies/goodies, but considering I bought stuff throughout the year, and used what I had in the pantry, the cost is very small. I only spent $3.42 for almond extract this month for the treats. As for the gingerbread house, that cost under a few bucks, if that-since I made the frosting, already had the candy, and used graham crackers from the snack pantry. I'm excited to see how it turns out.

I'm really loving doing the homemade stuff. I hope I don't veer away from that as the boys get older.

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