Sunday, November 9, 2008

weekend musings

random thoughts for this morning
-love, love my breadmaker! homemade rolls for dinner, cranberry muffin bread for breakfast :)
-sweaters and blue jean weather, how delightful!
-baking banana bread with the boys, yummy!
-knowing that within this week we celebrate R,G, and E's birthday, yay!
-grocery shopping should be a breeze today, list prices on breakfast items are rock bottom, and I have oodles of coupons!
-I LOVE, LOVE, this new site I found Blissfully Domestic - check it out!
-will post more later during nap time

1 comment:

Jilse said...

Mmm fresh bread sounds great! I know that Mr.Man would love for me to get a breadmaker and to make him fresh bread all the time, but do I really want that?

And thanks for the link, that Blissfully domestic site is beyond awesome!!

Lastly Happy Birthday to all of your boys!!! I hope you are spoiling them all rotten!