Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving plans

I truly feel that my letting go of control is assisting me in leading a saner, more peaceful life. R and I decided not to chance the drive to R's dad tomorrow, its raining hard there, and while we could spend the day inside, his dad lives in a tiny one bedroom apartment, and it would be like letting 3 tiny bulls free in a china shop.

As if life already had a plan, a open opportunity to serve meals popped up, and we're going to volunteer to serve firefighters and police officers, and the homeless in a nearby community. R and I decided that at the very least, one of us will volunteer w/ M, while the other parent supervises the younger two. I'm excited at the possibility of this learning opportunity for our family, for our boys, to share this holiday with others in our community. We'll spend the rest of the day at home, maybe rent a movie from the library, or make homemade cookies for a treat. Either way, its shaping up to be a wonderful holiday at home.

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