Thursday, November 13, 2008

One thing at a time

Its so easy to get caught up in the moment, that sometimes its easy to let other things slide. I've sensed that happening to me-and it causes me to get frazzled, and sometimes spend money that I wasn't prepared to spend. I've been working on lessening that so it happens less frequently, but it does happen. Here are my current challenges, and how I'm coping.
-Prepping for the holidays-anything and everything holiday related. I've been using Fly Lady to start my lists of things to do, sorting, cleaning, and I'm making a fair amount of headway. I have a written journal w/ my lists, and I'm finding it easy to keep track of things that way when I'm away from my computer. If only I could figure out how to use my PDA to my advantage-but I'm slow on the uptake when it comes to technology. I figure by the end of the year, I'll figure it out.
Birthdays-enter mom guilt. G's birthday was on Tuesday-due to the holiday and the boys not attending preschool on Wednesday, today's the day to celebrate it at school. Last year's celebration was a mess-I was about to give birth and making sweets was the last thing on my mind. This year, I thought I'd bake something-after all, I baked muffins for M's birthday at school. My plans fell through- baby E had a rough night and I sent G to school with a store bought snack I had in the pantry. He was just excited about having cookies- but me, for just a minute I thought I should have done more. In the end I realized I needed to let it go, he was happy and that was my goal. The party/playdate I wanted to do- I've been getting sidetracked. I'm going to send out an evite/notes today, and put aside the guilt of not having perfect invites. As it is, no one saves them/looks at them often so why bother making a big fuss? It may cut into who comes- but I cannot control that, so I'm going to let that slide. I'll focus on my babies, who are slowly getting older, and enjoy the time I have with them before they grow up and don't want/need me around so much.

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