Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Holiday shopping

How I love to shop, especially after the holidays. I took the boys to Target today, in the hopes that Halloween stuff would be 75% off. I hit the jackpot! I got each of the boys a new costume for next year, including E. I found three race car driver costumes, and they were a steal at $6 each! I also bought the older boys a doctor costume, for $5 each; not sure if I'll bring those out for Christmas/Hanukkah, or wait until their respective birthdays. I found each boy a Halloween tshirt (matching, of course!) for next year, and found a cute one for me too. Each one was $1.25, you can't beat that! I bought art materials (1.24 each, they were geared for Halloween, but really could be used year round), 2 bags of Hershey kisses (69 cents each), a warm fleece throw (only $2.50!), and a Spiderman trick or treat/easter basket for Elijah for next year (1.99) to go along w/ his older brothers for next year. There's no difference between the ones I already had, and why spend $8 on one, if I can get away with spending a lot less. Considering how much we got for our dollars, I'm pleased with the outcome.
I do have more I want to post, but dinner and children are calling, I hope to post more tonight or tomorrow about our goals for the rest of the month.

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