Saturday, November 22, 2008

Bonding time

Last night we had a great time w/ our preschool family at the potluck. It cracked me up to see my children running around, laughing, playing, as people sat around and talked, listened to the music man as he played his tunes. It warmed me up-because in terms of doing something for Thanksgiving- this is what we do-we don't have family close by, so its the people who we surround ourselves (preschool/playgroup/neighborhood friends) who we see during the holidays. I love making these memories with my boys, I hope they appreciate the family we have, and the people we celebrate with, because doing stuff like this is meaningful and special.

This morning we had G and E's birthday celebration at the park. As it turned out, G's preschool pals didn't come, and neither did E's playgroup buddies. Who did come are our treasured friends that we've made since moving to K town with M. Honestly, I couldn't have asked for anything more-except warmer weather! The boys were thrilled to see their friends, I had some girl time w/ the moms, and R-well, R helped big time with getting the pizza, setting up the cake, doing the behind the scene stuff. The cake was delish-R saved me a tiny slice, and I loved how it turned out. Yay for taking the initiative and doing it myself :-) I took pictures of it, and the birthday boys too.

We're at home now, enjoying our down time. We never made it to Costco this week (yay for skipping a whole week w/o it!) so we might head there tonight for groceries, or wait until morning. I'll be hitting the grocery sales hard this week, to prep for Thanksgiving and the rest of the month. I already have everything stocked, so shouldn't need anything but fresh fruit and veggies, along w/ some dairy items that always need to get restocked. In case of rock bottom specials, I have my coupons ready to go, so I'll just take time now to relax, and enjoy my boys, the youngest of whom just fell soundly asleep w/ Daddy.

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