Monday, August 25, 2008

what really counts

thoughts from this weekend, in no particular order.
life is short.
children can be entertained for hours with nothing more than a couple of random baby toys, whether or not they have to share them, and whether or not they are completely age appropriate-imagination is a wonderful tool.
stuff is just stuff. and then you can sell everything and go buy a boat, and sail for 5000 miles.
$500,000 may not get you very much in napa, except a dilapidated old house, but it can still hold more laughter and friendship than a huge, cheaper house in town, or other nearby cities
turning 30? doesn't seem so bad when you hear how life really gets interesting at 50, 60, and beyond
i love my kids.
if i had chosen another path, i could be 28, traveling through europe, not a dollar in my bank account and still be happy; but i'm here, broke, barefoot w/ 3 kids underfoot, and i love what i have.
life is short, don't miss opportunities-you don't know if you'll have another chance.
if you make mistakes, you learn. at least you're around to talk about it.

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