Sunday, June 1, 2008

Welcome to June!

The birds are chirping outside, and the sun is shining! Welcome to June :-) May went by too quickly. Was it just yesterday we celbrated Mother's Day or Matthew's birthday? Seems that way. We stayed track on ou goals and had most of our meals at home. Weekends seem to be our downfall, but so far we've managed.
This weekend we've done well w/o any troubles. We spent yesterday at home up until it was time to go to the birthday party. We stopped by Target on the way there, since hubby needed deoderant-it hasn't been on sale, and its the only kind he'll use. It figures that today there's coupons, and its on sale, but what we paid is comparable to how much it's on sale for. We did share a snack there, but the $3 kept the peace since we arrived in town too early for the party, and for all of us to share and have no disagreements, it was well worth the cost.
The kids had a good time, and fell asleep later one w/o too long of a struggle. Hubby went to the store and picked up ice cream for us, and I whipped up a batch of brownies. It wasn't Cold Stone, but it hit the spot for our sweet tooth.
Today we're headed to check out the work of a contractor we're considering for our bathroom renovation. We're paying for a babysitter for the two older boys-while I'm not keen on spending $20 for 2 hours, I know its impossible to complete the task at hand w/ all 3 boys with us. I think we'll take advantage of the time and hit up the grocery store and/or go shoe shopping depending on how quickly we get to and from each location.
Tomorrow I'm hosting a baby playgroup at the house. Saving money by making chocolate chocolate chip muffins. I doubled the recipe so we could enjoy them too. Ooh, the timer went off, I better get them out. Have a happy day!

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