Tuesday, June 10, 2008

universal frustration

today i read the newspaper, and i was reminded of why i've been avoiding it lately. too much about the poor economy, risng gas prices, and poor social situations. its enough tomake this mom wonder what kind of world her children are going to have as they get older.
swim lessons went well yesterday. not too many tears, and it took up most the morning. even though the lesson itself was only a 1/2 hour, its no easy feat getting all of us there, doing the lesson, and then getting everyone put back together afterwards. we didn't leave the pool area until after 10:15, and that was w/ not too big of a fight. i'm sort of apprehensive, knowing that meltdown of one or both older boys would set our morning routine back further, limiting our morning activities. at least it keeps us busy.
there's more i want to write, but kids are antsy this morning. sigh. its going to be a long day....

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