Wednesday, June 4, 2008

planning a birthday

gosh i love having my boys. i get to plan a birthday party, and while i'm a total novice at it, i'm enjoying it quite a bit. the one thing i have learned though-flexibility is important. i had planned on it being steaming hot by now, so i planned on a wading pool for the kids. since the forecast is for sat is now a high of 86, and m's party is early in the morning, it occured to me that it may be too chilly to go play in the water. i broke down and rented a bounce house-a sesame street one. mind you, i hold nothing against sesame street-i just don't like getting sucked into the themed stuff. then again, it is just a bounce house, and given that m doesn't have a clue about it, and it is a cheap form of entertainment for kids his age and younger, i'm sure it'll be a hit. at the very least, my boys will use it, and take a long nap after playing in it all morning. now onto the food.
fruit kabobs anyone?

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