Tuesday, June 3, 2008

busy as a bee

it's amazing how much stuff a family of five can acquire. i swear, no sooner do i get the boys clothes, they outgrow them. no sooner do we get food, the fridge is empty once again. i spent the past two days going through things, making up stuff to offer on freecycle, others to offer to my sister when she rolls into town next weekend. freeing the space frees my mind. i love how that feels.
we finally got hubby shoes tonight. sunday was a day at the mall, and nothing fit right. my poor man, size 13 feet, broken down shoes, and works really hard on his feet. i really felt bad for him. we left discouraged, went to costco for dinner and groceries, and spent only $30. yay! if only we had gotten him shoes, it would have been better.
yesterday playgroup fell through, so the house was clean for no reason-but it was clean, so i was still happy-less to do this week in preparation for m's birthday gathering/my sister visiting for the weekend. went to the grocery store and loaded up on expensive and yummy salad dressing, cereal, and granola bars. shelf value of groceries before coupons and savings cards, the total was $172.36. after coupons and savings card, the total was $62.76 w/ a grand total of $109.60 saved (64% savings). yay!!!
today was a stay at home day, since we decided to go shoe shopping for hubby after work. this time we went to the new balance store in a nice shopping center. i took the younger two boys to whole foods for a snack, while hubby tried on sneakers w/ m being a great supervisor. i walked out only spending $3 on snacks for the 4 of us, and we ate outside once hubby paid for his new shoes. love how his face lit up when his feet no longer were in his old, worn out shoes. he hated spending $100 on them, but w/ size 13 feet, and the cheap shoes at payless/famous footwear/even footlocker hurting him, this was the way to go. i was in love at whole foods w/ all the amazing treats, but knew our pantry and freezer and fridge are stocked, and really who can spend $7 on a small thing of cheese, when we're watching our dollars closely now. then again, we gave in tonight and ate out.
it's been about 3 weeks since we ate out at all, and it was a bit disconcerting to see how much the prices had risen in the past couple of month-it was more noticable since we hadn't been to the buffet place since gas prices had started to skyrocket. the boys were acting up, eli was hungry, dh and i were reminded on why we rather get ice cream and make brownies at home instead of eating out w/ three kids. yet we do it to save our minds, to give me a break from cooking. it just shows me that i rather eat a simple salad at home, or even cheese w/ crackers, than a big ol meal out with the family. much easier to do that instead of eat out w/ kids in tow. ah well, i got my break. now i can make something tomorrow and get back on the home cooking train.
its a long day tomorrow. hubby's working until 7pm. i'm thinking crockpot, but we'll see where my mind goes at 6am wakeup call. that being said, have a good night.

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